Hi there, my name is Simone.

For all my life, I've been traveling the world. Originally from Basel, I have set up different enterprises in Moscow and Beirut, with stints in Paris and New York. Now based in Zurich, Switzerland, it is time to share the treasures I found along my way.

In countries like Syria, Beirut and in the diverse, vast regions of Russia, to name but a few, I have worked with exceptional traditional manufacturers and with ambitious designers. They work hard and fight even harder to keep their crafts and skills alive.

Whilst building my guesthouse «Hayete» in Beirut in 2009, I let their work influence the interior design. Immediately, my guests expressed the desire to purchase various of these items.

«Internationals» was born from a passion for the crafts and designs of this world. My dedication is to let the beauty of traditional, almost-forgotten skills shine afresh, with a contemporary feel. To create objects for daily use that refer back to our traditions whilst being designed for a modern lifestyle.

I work mainly with stockists – but this webstore allows private clients to access the items, too.

I hope you enjoy this growing platform!

Love, Simone