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The weaving family in Hama really grew to our hearts, due to an ongoing tension in this part of Syria, it has become almost impossible for the Madanis to keep working. Once 50 looms were worked in shifts, now hardly one warms up.
In November 2016 we have decided to take on his stock for two reasons, to bring this breathtaking beauty closer to our customers, secondly to protect this immense value from any harm.
We have a selection of around 1000 towels in all shapes and colors, difficult to picture these to our customers.
Very soon we will try to at least find a way to categorize these beauties.
One thing is sure; this handwork is unique and not to be found a second time on this planet.
For now, take a chance and let your self be surprised!

100% cotton
50% cotton / 50% silk
washable up to 60c, preferably to protect the fiber 40c
Before 1 time use, soak in cold water over night, to unfold the virgin cotton.

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